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In 2001 Reyna Heating & Air Conditioning started its commercial activities licensed contractors, insurance carriers, and bonded; these beginnings were from an office installed in the garage of a house, with a secretary, a technician and owner Martin Valdez. The most important first step was to search for the business name. It was a great compromise, for any commercial activity represents honesty, because Reyna is the name of the mother of the owner.

Providing customer best to rent an office at 3616 W. Thomas Phoenix, AZ best service. For five (5) years that remained in this direction (2002-2007). They were of high growth since the Hispanic market was at its greatest economic boom, then we had 18 sales representatives, 3 technicians, 3 secretaries, 8 and 7 vehicles and technical work and a crane for the exclusive use of Reyna.

During this time we received 12 awards (recognition) by manufacturers because of the large volume of purchases of air conditioning units.

Thanks to all taught should be the growth, even with the difficulties of the country and the fall of the Hispanic market (2008) decided to invest in offices that were owned by Reyna. This is because of the solid foundation of the business.

These offices are located at 3144 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ. Which have room for staff training (link gallery) Administrative offices, warehouse, sheet metal workshop, parking for visitors, and parking for work units. At the same time, a modern crane was purchased. For a safer service.

Similarly our continued growth thanks to our customers, to God and coworkers and family support allowed us to buy offices to open branches Tucson, AZ is located at 5653 South Nogales Highway Tucson, AZ.

Throughout this long history of efforts and constant growth since the beginning Reyna try our company is recognized with due respect for the work we do; which allows us proud, for this will continue to collaborate and influence our community with the products and services we are offering.



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