AC Replacement In Phoenix, Tucson

Air Conditioner Replacement in Phoenix, Tucson, and Surrounding Areas

Every machine will someday require a replacement. Most of us like to delay the inevitable so as to avoid the costs but sometimes dragging our feet can be counterproductive. Instead of saving, we end up paying so much more by holding on. It helps to know the red flags and have definite criteria for AC replacement. If you have to experience the following, then it is probably time to shop around for a new cooling system:

Unit Age

The age of the machine is a good indicator of whether you should get a new one or not. After all, it is a numeric value that no one can manipulate. Just remember that there are units that get regular maintenance and others that were barely touched by professionals. There can be a world of difference between their conditions a decade hence. Still, 10 years is a good marker for this type of project.

Rising Bills

Be mindful of how much you’re paying for electricity. The cooling system is usually responsible for consuming much of the energy around the house. Lights come at a distant second. If your bills have been rising steadily over the past few months, then it could indicate that the AC is having efficiency problems. This is a typical sign of aging and is difficult to reverse. Replacing the unit will help you avoid soaring bills.

Frequent Breakdowns

When the troubles start piling up, it becomes hard to justify keeping the old unit. Some issues just keep coming back with no end in sight. They might get fixed for a while but they will crop up again, and worse. Homeowners may spend several thousands of dollars just trying to remedy the situation year after year. It makes financial sense to drop it and simply get an AC replacement.

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